CirQlate And Celebrate with Human Touch PCX-720

When It Comes to The Ultimate Zero-Gravity Recliners, No One Exceeds Expectations Like Human Touch.

Known for the design and production of the “perfect chair”, Human Touch has long been recognized as the definer of comfort, wellness, and elegance.

Designed after the position utilized by the astronauts in outer space to help alleviate pressure upon the body, these zero-gravity recliners offer optimum comfort while providing an anatomically correct posturing for the back and spine when reclined.

Not only are these chairs aesthetically attractive and able to be incorporated into almost any décor, the health and wellness benefits and features of these state of the art chairs, place them a cut above anything else you will find in the industry. Extended lung capacity, relieving of muscular tension and soreness, and improved blood circulation due to leg-positioning above the heart, are only a few of the many features that make these chairs unique.

What more could you ask from your recliner? Well, now there is something more to add to your reclining experience. Human Touch has recently introduced a new zero-gravity recliner to their already outstanding models. This new model is the PCX720, and in my personal opinion, takes zero-gravity reclining to a whole new level. Not only are you able to place your back and spine into the anatomically designed position of zero-gravity at a mere touch of a button, now you are able to go BEYOND zero-gravity to even further reduce pressure on the vertebrae.

This extended position is the “PRP Mode”. The name was chosen due emulate the techniques utilized by professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists, to further ease spinal pressure. The PCX720 has an unprecedented range of motion, which takes you smoothly from doctor-recommended neutral position identified as ZeroG, to the next level of deeper relaxation, improving circulation and providing even greater pressure-relieving for the vertebrae.

The key to this greater immersion into relaxation and pressure-relieving, is accomplished by the dual motor construction. This allows for independent back and leg rest adjustment. Additionally, the chair includes not only the one-touch Go To Zero option, but also includes two personal memory position settings. The adjustable neck pillow, articulating headrest, folding legrest, memory foam armrests, and built-in ergonomic control panel, are only some of the features on the PCX720 that further enhance your experience while relaxing in your recliner.

CirQlate Celebrate

Human Touch has now made it more attractive to own one of these great chairs!

During their CirQlate and Celebrate special, if you buy their all new PCX 720 Zero-Gravity chair or even the wildly popular Serenity Perfect Chair, you will receive the Human Touch CirQlation Release Foot and Calf Massager AS OUR FREE GIFT TO YOU! This is a $199 value that is yours, absolutely FREE, as our gift to you.

The Human Touch CirQlation Release Foot Massager put your feet and calves into one of the most advanced pieces of furniture you’ll ever experience. It delivers the very latest in three-dimensional, robotic massage technology, and quickly turns into a comfortable footrest!

So what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor and stop by one of our three-conveniently located showrooms and allow one of our trained staff to introduce you to another dimension of zero-gravity and receive your free gift TODAY! Your body will thank you!

Besides, isn’t it time you went “pro”?

Hope to see you in our showroom soon! Until then…