Fibromyalgia and Sleep

Fibromyalgia Is Such a Mysterious Condition.

Until recent years, doctors were very puzzled and could not find anything wrong with patients who complained of a myriad of symptoms, primarily moderate to extreme pain. Unfortunately, people who suffered with this malady were told “it is in your head.” Today it is a very different story, although there are still some medical clinicians that do not believe it is a real disease, because there are many avenues of treatment that help victims get temporary relief.

One of the biggest helps for fibromyalgia is the same as for many other conditions…quality sleep and the right quantity of sleep.

Studies have shown the paradox in this is that the pain that is experienced interferes with both the quality and amount of sleep an individual will experience but sleep is one of the greatest sources of relief. Here, at Relax In Comfort, we have found that many people with fibromyalgia can get the proper rest when they are paired with a great mattress and an adjustable power base.

Science has proven over and over that when your body is truly relaxed, you have a much better chance of getting restorative sleep and also are relieved of the constant tossing and turning that occurs with many adults whether they have a chronic condition or not. It is amazing to see what happens when a fibromyalgia patient comes in, lays down on our adjustable firmness mattress, gets the firmness to just the right setting and then is put in the zero gravity position with the use of the power base. They have instant relief of their symptoms. Many of our customers come back and tell us they wish they had invested in their healthy sleep years ago.

I happen to be one of those success stories. My husband and I purchased a bed from Relax in Comfort in January, 2000, because I had gotten into such bad condition due to fibromyalgia that I was extremely sleep deprived and would literally catch every cold or other contagious disease I was exposed to. I had horrible dark circles under my eyes, had gained a lot of weight, was very emotional and became literally sick and tired of being sick and tired. I started feeling much better and experienced a much lower level of pain almost from the first night. I could not believe the difference in how I felt and my husband was happier with my improved disposition! It changed my life so drastically to just get a good night’s sleep, I came to work for the company so I could help others who were sleep deprived due to fibromyalgia and other conditions get the sleep their bodies so desperately need.

If you, too, need a good night’s sleep, come in and test our mattresses and find your perfect fit. Someone once said that the 8 hours you spend in bed are the most important hours of your day because they directly affect the other 16 hours you spend out of bed.