Furnish Your Home with Comfort & Restoration in Mind

If you have gone through the building process of a new home, you are well aware there are always new pieces of furniture and furnishings that you will need. There’s just no way Aunt Mabel’s floral print sofa, or mattress with the exposed springs is going to take up residence in your new home. It just ‘ain’t happening! It is time to update and replace the old with the new!

Fortunately, in our recent building experience which just completed, we required little in the way of new furniture, in fact during our move, we actually were able to get rid of a few pieces. What we weren’t able to get rid of however, was all the normal stress and fatigue that is just inherently part of the building and re-locating process. Countless boxes (often unlabeled even with the best intentions), items being moved to the new home too soon, the 10% ratio of broken dishes, and items been mistakenly placed in the ‘trash boxes’ instead of the’ transport boxes’ were only a few of the situations I have been facing these past few months. Add to that equation working , church involvement, and trying to keep contact with your friends and family, it all adds up to a big ball of stress located somewhere between the lumbar and should blades.

Thankfully, I have one constant that has helped me maintain my sanity and my health, and that is my adjustable firmness sleep system. There is nothing in your life that can equate to a restful and restorative sleep experience. I wouldn’t trade any piece of furniture we own, or ever hope to own, for that incredible 76×80 slice of heaven I sleep on every night, my GS Supreme Mattress with the zero-gravity adjustable bases. After climbing up and down a ladder all day putting away dishes and items no one could ever hope to reach un-aided, scrubbing tile floors while down on my knees, or endlessly toting boxes from garage to van, to garage to house, nothing feels better than literally falling into bed at the end of a long day, and elevating myself to the zero gravity position, and allowing the dual massage motors to work their magic on my aching limbs!

With quantitative sleep no more than a memory, it has been essential that my limited hours of sleep be qualitative! Without exception, I have awakened refreshed, renewed, and ready to meet the day’s demands with a smile, well maybe not exactly a smile, but definitely not a frown….

You may not be in the middle of building, or moving, but I am sure you could fill in the blank with your own version of living life in the ‘stress lane’! There will always be new sofas to buy and new painting to hang, but none of these things, although wonderful to have, will do anything to improve your quality of life. If you are going to bed stiff, sore, and tired, and waking up the same way, it is way past time to make some changes.

If you would like to experience what truly exhilarating, comfortable, and restorative sleep is all about, I encourage you to stop by one of our three conveniently-located showroom and allow one of our highly-trained staff introduce you to our #1 best-selling adjustable firmness sleep system. Providing up to one hundred different customizable comfort level settings per side, as well as adjustable zero-gravity body positioning, our GS Supreme will awaken you to a whole new realm of comfort and relaxation. Your body will thank you!

Besides, when you stop and think about it, maybe you could get by with Aunt Mabel’s floral sofa one more season after all…..