GS Supreme Air Mattress FAQ

How does Comfortaire models compare to the Sleep Number brand?

Both companies are owned by Select Comfort. Both brands have unique features unique to their own models. Both brands will provide you with a great night's sleep! However, Comfortaire enjoys several differentiators that Sleep Number models do not enjoy. As of this writing, Sleep Number offers eight different model mattresses. Our GS Supreme has 7 distinct advantages over even their best model, including Attune Design & 100 Personalized Sleep Experiences.

What makes the GS Supreme better than the Sleep Number i10 (Sleep Number's very best mattress)?

Perhaps the single biggest reason is that with the GS Supreme model we utilize Attune design with edge-to-edge air chambers without side or center foam rails. Side & center foam rails are used in all Sleep Number models. For example, Sleep Number's dual king size air mattress has a total of 16" of foam rails, including 8" down the center of the king bed. Our GS Supreme has NO foam rails on the edge or center and may be ordered as a split top design as well as a dual king. With Sleep Number's Dual King bed your effective air sleeping surface is only 60" which is the same sleeping surface as our queen size mattress!

What is a Split Top mattress anyway?

The split top mattress is a king or queen mattress with a 1/3 split down the top center of the mattress. This allows couples to have independent elevation adjustments without using separate twin size mattresses as with Sleep Number's dual king system. With the split top design, couples can still cuddle since the bottom 2/3 of the mattress remains solid while allowing for individual foot and head elevation adjustments. The new Sleep Number Flex Top design is only available in a King size and forces both sleep partners' to have the same leg elevation at all times. With our Attune design our models allows for individual head and leg elevation in our split top models!

What makes the GS Supreme mattress padding better than Sleep Number i10 padding?

We utilize New Zealand Joma wool in the mattress padding - wool is a natural ingredient and is breathable and hygroscopic. Wool helps to keep the sleeper cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Sleep Number uses all synthetic materials.

What is the mattress cover made from?

We utilize natural Bamboo fabric. Although softer than cotton, it is actually anti bacterial and ideal for anyone with allergy or sinus conditions as well as those desiring exceptional comfort. When growing in nature, Bamboo does not require pesticides due to its inherent anti fungal and anti bacterial qualities. When tested, after a 24 hour period, 100% Bamboo fabric killed 99.8% of the Staphylococcus Aureous bacteria.

Isn't wool sometimes itchy or hot?

Not as utilized in our mattress since it is embedded under the Bamboo mattress cover and encased to ensure it does not contact your skin. Lambs wool provides a natural and breathable sleeping environment. Wool fiber is a molecular coil spring making the fiber remarkably elastic. As a hygroscopic fiber wool takes up moisture in vapor form. Tiny pores in the epicuticle make the fiber semi-permeable allowing vapor to pass through to the heart of the fiber. Wool can easily absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. This ability makes wool a natural temperature regulator because it can protect in both warm and cold conditions.

Why is the GS Supreme warranty better than Sleep Number warranty?

While both have 25 year limited warranty coverage, the GS Supreme provides full 4-year non pro-rata coverage on parts compared to Sleep Number which has only has the first 2 years full non pro-rata coverage and begins pro rata coverage in year three at 20% of replacement cost.

How many actual mattress firmness levels are available?

Sleep Number has 20 settings in increments of 5 up to 100; we have 100 individual Personalized Settings for each sleep partner. Our new Q-10 air control system has a custom firmness memory setting for each partner and an auto fill button to return the mattress to 100% to make the bed in the morning if desired.