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Adjustable bed videos

Adjustable Bed Informational Videos

by Relax in Comfort

Dr. Michael Breus, Renowned Sleep Doctor, Highlights

The ReST Bed™ as ‘His Favorite’ from the 2019 Sleep Show

Why be forced into twin beds pushed together (split king) when you can maintain the cuddle zone with a flex head design?  Compare your options - full split vs. no split vs mini split.  96% of our couples choose the mini split flex head design.  Learn in this short video.

Discover the original number bed and why the x10 Supreme number bed is a better number bed with a better price and better warranty than a Sleep Number bed.  

Discover Wellsville, a great alternative to Tempur-Pedic brand at 50% less cost.  Great option for a luxury "hugging" feel, however, not recommended for anyone with sleep issues since you cannot change the firmness as needed.  

Wellsville cool gel memory foam mattresses available as a flex head design- maintain the cuddle zone - no need to sleep in twin beds crammed together inside a king bed frame.  Great value for those seeking a luxury bed for less. 

Look inside the x10 and discover why the x10 is a better number bed.  See the medical grade urethane chambers and  learn how you can replace just the comfort layer and not your  entire mattress every 8 years!

Discover the #1 reason people who try a power bed do not buy a power bed even though they need one and deserve one.  Learn why you should invest in one  today.

Discover Savvy Rest the best value in certified organic latex mattresses - with our exclusive flex head design - at or below factory direct prices. (Savvy  Rest in a flex head only available at Relax In Comfort)

Home of the world's best adjustable beds, massage chairs and zero gravity chairs - take a quick tour of our Seminole Towne Center Mall location in Sanford Florid. 

Discover deep inside the x10 and compare to the Sleep Number smart bed sleep chambers.  Learn what Sleep Number forbids its employees to do - to look under the hood - the anatomy of a better number bed. 

Review the Savvy Rest Certified Organic latex options for the Serenity & Unity mattresses  and Woolsey topper.

The x10 is available as a luxury quilted plush top in bamboo or cooling fabric sides, or as an optional smooth top, you decide.  Three beds in one. Plus twice as many number options as the Sleep Number Smart Bed. 

If mattress is in their name- they are all the same.  Discover the bed that changes with you at Relax In Comfort today. 

Explore inside the x10 and see why the x10 technology allows for couples to operate their own head and foot elevations without splitting the entire mattress down thru the middle. 

The most important item in your home should be valued more than a hot tub or a home renovation project but sadly many suffer poor sleep needlessly.

All Warranty's are not created equal. Learn about our 250% longer air chamber coverage and 50% greater coverage on other coverages  than a Sleep Number Smart Bed warranty.

Why the x10 urethane sleep chamber is better than vulcanized rubber chamber design used by Sleep Number. 

The mattress that changes with you. with the x10 there is no need to have physic powers to pick your  firmness today that you will need for next decade. 

See if you are part of the #1 reason people who like a power bed have not yet purchased a power bed. 

Learn about the two types of latex used in mattresses and the best configuration of a latex mattress for optimizing your sleep. .

The My Freedom Lift Bed  incorporates a lift chair, Hi-Lo  hospital bed feature and a traditional adjustable bed with massage - all in one!

x10 Sleep chambers made in America not the Czech Republic - makes a better feeling & bending number bed for less.

Watch this if you are you "waiting to get your money's worth" out of your current bed even though it  is currentley robbing you of good night's sleep.

See the Wellsville affordable power bed options- luxury does not have to be expensive. 

Learn why mattress stores are crazy - and what makes us different. 

All new memory foam mattresses will feel firmer when first out of the box vs. in-store showroom floor samples.  Learn how to fully season you memory foam mattress and expedite the process to having it feel like the showroom model.

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