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If you are looking to improve your back and sleep health, you need the right products backed by proven successful results and satisfaction. At Relax in Comfort, our sleep specialists understand how sleep problems and back pain can have an impact on your life, and we aim to help you by pass the troubles with top-of-the-line products. These are products such as our Orlando adjustable beds, massage chairs, and organic mattresses. We carry the newest in sleep and back care technology because we know that you need the best of the best when improving your health.

Our list of products includes:

  • Certified Organic – These products are made without many of the toxic materials and chemicals that may be found in some mattresses out there. This allows for healthier sleep and many benefits.
  • Power Adjustable Beds – Beds that are adjustable can substantially help you improve your sleep and even aches and pains by allowing you to adjust your body's position at night, sleeping more comfortable.
  • Healthy Mattresses – We offer healthy mattresses of all kinds, from air models to memory foam. All of these mattresses are designed to help you sleep comfortably, supported, and without any toxic materials.
  • Zero Gravity and Massage Chairs – Massage chairs can be beneficial to individuals with back pain. These chairs massage your back as you sit in comfort. Zero gravity recliners are used to reduce the stress on an individual's spine, elevating to a more comfortable, supportive position.
  • Accessories – Our accessories include healthy, comfortable linen and mattress protectors to help keep your investment safe for years to come.

If you are wondering what kind of benefits our beds, mattresses and gravity chairs can provide you with, check out our learning center. Otherwise, you can call a Relax in Comfort store near you to speak with our team. In addition to Orlando, we also serve Winter Park, Windermere, Sanford, and The Villages.