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Malouf S655




The Malouf  S655 Power bed combines luxurious sleep with the health benefits of sleeping elevated in a mini zero gravity position(s). Studies have shown that sleeping elevated can help help relieve back pain, ease sleep apnea and help reduce snoring. Even reduce acid reflux and heartburn. When using the upgraded head tilt feature it makes watching TV, surfing the internet more comfortable. No more bulky pillows needed, and no more neck strain!

The Malouf S655 power bed also includes massage motors with nine dual-zone options so you can feel truly restored. With an independent head incline up to 55 degrees and a foot incline to 45 degrees, your comfort is fully customizable. It comes with seven preset positions designed by our sleep experts. There are six programmable position you can personalize and save as your personalized settings. When combined with the premium technology of the Malouf Base™ app for Android and iOS, you can access groundbreaking features.  Automatic Snore Detection plus, your bed can be operated with your phone (including Siri® Shortcuts) or the backlit, wireless remote control.