Misleading Mattress Ads...

Don't Be Mislead When Shopping for A Mattress

Don’t Be Brainwashed by Mattress Ads That Say:

“Replace every 8 years”, or “I made an 8 year mistake” or even “Don’t make an 8 year mistake”.

Give me a break!

A mattress company is trying to brainwash consumers into thinking they should purchase a new mattress every 8 years.

They show blown up pictures of bugs to elevate consumer fears. And, MANY consumers will believe this message, because they see it and hear it over and over. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. It’s ridiculous!

The number one consumer complaint today, regarding their mattress, is the fact that their mattress develops body impressions over a short period of time. These complaints are normally associated with “No Flip Pillow Tops”. The manufacturer quilts polyester fiber into the top cover to make these mattresses look thick and fluffy. But, your body moisture and weight in the same spot every night, causes these fibers to compress and form body impressions. Mattress manufacturers could easily put a zipper on the top of their mattress, so you could replace the padding. But, they want to sell you a new mattress. They do not want you to repair it.

The average cost of a Tempur-Pedic King Mattress and Foundation is over $3,200.00. If it last only 8 years, your cost per year is $400.00. They do put a zipper on the cover so you can replace the cover. But, if the memory foam starts to break down, you cannot replace the foam as it is glued to the base foam below. You must buy a new mattress.

It’s amazing. We would not purchase a car that did not have replacement parts. Every appliance in our home can be repaired. But, we use our mattress more than any other item in our home. Now, they tell us to throw it away every 8 years, and start all over again, with another mystery mattress.

My mattress is 28 years old, and is just as comfortable as it was when it was new. Instead of purchasing a mattress every 8 years, I simply unzip the top cover, remove the top layer of foam padding, and for $150.00, I replace the padding that is showing wear. It refreshes and renews the comfort of my mattress.

At Relax In Comfort, our mattress’s mold to your body shape. We can show you how to customize your bed, to custom fit your body shape. Instead of throwing away your mattress every 8 years, you simply replace the upper foam padding, restoring your mattress to new condition.

With our adjustable bases, we can show you how to sleep better, slightly elevated in the Williams or Heart Rest Position. You can now sleep on your back and your side, breathing easier and tossing and turning less, when you sleep.

You will be amazed at the end of our 10 minute demonstration, but you have to visit one of our stores. We will not intimidate you, or show you pictures of bugs.

We look forward to your visit so we can demonstrate to you the uniqueness of the very last mattress you will ever buy!