Panasonic MA-70

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We offer unbelievably low prices on top quality massage chairs. Feel your aches and tense muscles be massaged away in minutes in one of our massage chairs. We are confident that you will feel like a new person after you've experienced a Panasonic luxury massage.  So treat yourself to the ultimate luxury massage chair at our unreasonably low prices.

In recent years it has become quite popular to add heating elements to massage chairs, simulating hot stone spa therapy and hot yoga , to relieve fatigue and provide additional therapeutic value. But up until now, those heating units have been stationary, woven into the fabric and provide only mild heat in one or two locations.

  • 3D Massage Mechanism & Air Massage Technology
  • Featuring three All-New Massage & Stretching Techniques
  • Heated Massage Heads

The MA-70 is developed with thermal ceramic heaters built into the rollers themselves, massage the back, neck and shoulders to melt away stiffness. In addition the unique "3D mechanical rollers" and extensive "air bag" system synchronize the massage while stretching the muscles around the pelvis, as well as providing a pelvic tilt massage unique to Panasonic. New to Panasonic massage chairs, when not in use, the calf and foot massage unit can be rotated smartly away under the chair giving it a more traditional look and feel.

Never before has one massage chair offered so many features, functions, styles and benefits in one package.

The MA-70 Real Pro "Thermal" massage chair truly breaks new ground in innovation and style with a brand name you can trust and 40 years of experience.

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