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Personal Comfort R15 Number Bed Mattress




The Personal Comfort R15 number bed mattress is the very best number bed model ever offered by Personal Comfort.  We leveraged our expertise with the development of the x10 number bed model introduced in December 2017 by the titans of number beds ( Dan Wall and Craig Miller ) to craft an even more luxurious model with 50% greater air chamber depth to allow for even greater posture accommodation within the air chambers to allow for even more comfort and customization.  The new R15 model was launched in January 2021 exclusively by Relax In Comfort as the first Personal Comfort retail partner to showcase the new Rejuvenation Series technology and design.

The R15 allows both sleepers the ability to adjust your level of comfort for total customization and provides rejuvenation benefits to help revive your body through out the night. The R15 Rejuvenation Series mattress boast copper infused Energex comfort layer, an air flow comfort layer and a bottom support layer. The top mattress cover is an ultra-stretch, temperature neutralizing, smooth top panel. The R15  includes our newest medical grade ultra-flex air chambers which are specifically designed to elevate  into hundreds of relaxing positions.

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