Power Adjustable Bases FAQ

Why should we consider investing in a power bed?

If you have power seats & power windows in your car to make your driving more comfortable for an hour per day, why not have a power bed in your bedroom where you spend 1/3 of your life? To maximize your quality of sleep we recommend the "zero gravity" position for sleeping. This pressure-free position has been used by medical professionals for decades to relax the spine and improve breathing and circulation. With the touch of a button you can elevate your head and feet into a "zero gravity" position, providing the comfort and support you need to achieve a deeper and more restful night's sleep.

Can I purchase a mattress now and upgrade to a power base later?

Yes. All of our mattresses are 100% compatible with our power bases. You can start of with any of our mattress models now and purchase the power bases later to upgrade your flat system into a power system. The new power bases would simply replace the flat foundations.

Why is the quality of my sleep important?

Our increasingly hectic lifestyle requires a higher quality sleep to cope with stress and maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, in recent years, the trend has been in the opposite direction; more things to do less quality sleep! Poor quality sleep compounds daily stress which in turn makes a good night's rest even more difficult to achieve.

Aren't these adjustable power beds for older folks?

Not any more! Over 70 million Americans suffer from poor sleep, consisting mostly of today's younger Baby Boomer generation! Back in the 1970's power beds were more like a hospital bed with a rather uncomfortable innerspring mattress and were not available in a King size! Today's power beds are ultra luxurious, with WiFi remotes with iPhone applications! With the advent of the Split Top King mattress power adjustable beds appeal to those seeking a better night's sleep regardless of age!

Is there really a big difference in power bases?

Absolutely! Today's modern power bases offer many advanced features to enhance your sleep experience. For nearly 50 years we have specialized in adjustable power beds. Our models are all made in the USA and are designed to our exacting specifications to include a stationairy base design to work with any Split Top mattress. Most on line and national branded power bases are Wall Hugger in design - Wall Hugger bases are NOT compatible with ANY Split Top mattress design. All our power bases have a 20 year limited factory warranty and are backed by a nationwide network of factory technicians if assistance is ever required. We would rather explain price one time, than to apologize for poor quality for a lifetime. We have a low price guarantee of all power systems - including factory direct e-commerce and any other authorized dealer. With us you can enjoy the best for less!

Can I get a power base without massage?

Yes. However, since the massage function is a small fraction of the total cost of the power base all of our premium models include massage as a standard feature. Many people consider the massage feature like the horn on their car, although you may rarely use it, it's nice to have when you really need it! The Wave massage feature is ideal for those with Insomnia or anyone who has difficulty falling asleep at night. The wave feature creates a gentle rocking motion to help you relax and unwind. Also whenever you have muscular aches and pains, the massage feature will be a welcomed addition to your comfort portfolio.

How much for professional delivery & set-up?

We deliver and set up within Central Florida at no charge. In addition, our in-house delivery team is specially trained to deliver and install power beds and fully integrate with your existing headboard and or Footboard.

Do you ship out of state?

Yes. Nationwide curbside shipping is available as well as in-home set up for an additional fee. Out of state shipments are exempt from Florida state sales tax.

Does Florida offer a sales tax exemption?

No. Under current Florida law products sold to the public at large do not qualify for sales tax exemption even with a prescription. However, If prescribed by a physician for an ailment, your purchase may qualify as a medical deduction on your Federal tax return, qualified Section 125 election and HSA qualifying purchase. Please consult your tax adviser for details and your specific circumstances.

Will a power bed fit inside my existing headboard & footboard?

Yes, our power bases will fit inside any like size bed set. Unlike traditional flat mattress, our power bed will rest directly on the floor, not on top of your bed slats. Occasionally, optional factory height extenders may be required to raise the height of the power base.

Do I need special sheets?

In most cases existing linen will work fine. For specialty mattress sizes or for those seeking ultra luxurious long staple cotton and Bamboo linens we have collaborated with Dream Fit Linen to provide quality linen options for specialty size mattresses, all especially designed for power beds! Dream Fit is guaranteed to Fit and guaranteed to stay on! All linen is sold at factory direct pricing as an accomodation for our customers.

Do you offer an in home power bases or mattress tryout option?

We do not offer any return or exchange options on any power bases. Since our power bed bases have 101 position adjustments, including the zero gravity position, it will always offer more comfort & enjoyment than a traditional flat bed without any power adjustments. Much like power seats in your car, you can select the most comfortable position for you every night. As such all power base sales are final and may not be returned or exchanged once ordered.

However, for all standard king and queen size mattresses (special order sizes excluded) we offer a one time 30 day in home mattress exchange. If you are not delighted with the performance of your new mattress, simply return to the store for a mattress exchange of equal or greater value. A 10% mattress return fee and re delivery fee will apply. Mattress must be returned in like new condition and have been covered with a mattress protector during use. Power bases, pillows, linen and all sleep accessories may not be returned or exchanged once delivered. The additional cost if any for the upgraded mattress must be paid at time of exchange request and must be finalized within 30 days of actual delivery.

Comfortaire branded mattresses purchased from us have a factory 100 Night Comfort Promise. After 30 days if not completely satisfied you may return the mattress directly to the factory, freight prepaid & insured, for a refund of the net selling price paid for the mattress. Please see the actual 100 Night Comfort Promise disclosure form for complete details which govern the factory return option.