An Expert's Review

of The New Tempur-Choice Air Mattress by Tempur-Pedic

As an Industry Expert With 30 Years Personal Experience, I Have Been Asked to Evaluate The All New Tempur-Choice Air Mattress Recently Launched This Year By Tempur-Pedic.

We were the first retail partner to introduce Tempur-Pedic branded memory foam mattresses to Central Florida in the late 1990’s, and an original retail partner of Comfortaire, now a Sleep Number subsidiary, back in the early 1980’s. This background gives me a unique perspective to make a complete evaluation.

Tempur-Choice by Tempur-Pedic is an amalgamation of memory foam and air support- primarily designed to capture market share from Sleep Number, more than to create a new and better sleep surface.

We introduced a hybrid air and memory foam system back in the 1990’s – and have long since discontinued that design. Memory foam and air support have unique properties which work best when implemented individually to maximize their intended outcomes. My experience has revealed that consumers generally prefer an adjustable firmness over fixed monotone firmness. However, when a large component of memory foam is placed over an air chamber (visco elastic material with a density of five to seven pounds) it muffles the effectiveness of the air chamber to actually posturize to your body.

The Tempur-Choice model has 3 air chambers per side. The head and foot section work in tandem – the mid section is separate. This tri-zone has been employed by other manufacturers for years and is replete with operational issues and structural design flaws. The tri zone only works if you fit the body profile height of the average person, and then only if you sleep perfectly parallel to the floor. Anyone taller or shorter than average, or those who sleep on their side curled up, no longer fit the factory default tri zoned air chamber mold. Further, once a body region enters the other zone, the entire dynamic is altered and no longer is appropriate for optimal support and comfort.

Additionally, the tri zone design requires multiple internal air supply lines, which are extremely difficult to identify when there is a leak, and difficult to repair as well. The traditional single sleeper zone (Such as our GS Supreme and Sleep Number models) has no internal air supply lines, and can be easily identified outside of the mattress and easily replaced if needed.

My personal philosophy in life has always been to deal with an expert in the field. It is not wise to see a Cardiologist if you have kidney pain, or have a brick mason build a wooden frame house. Yes, they may be happy to earn the extra income, but you will not have the best outcome. Our GS Supreme is built and designed by the founding company of the entire air bed industry. Why risk your comfort to anything less?