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It takes more than 50 years of innovation to achieve utmost comfort.

Personal Comfort®  beds are designed and manufactured by American National Manufacturing, a pioneer in air-adjustable Adjustable Smart Beds.  American National has been making high-quality mattresses and innovative comfort technology for more than 40 years and hold various patents for our bed designs and air control systems. Every Personal Comfort® adjustable smart bed is crafted with industry-leading comfort components. Our attention to detail extends to every stitch of our bedding products.  A combination of handcrafted excellence, engineering prowess, and exceptional adjustable smart bed technology ensures every Relax in Comfort® bed meets rigorous quality control standards.

Everyone Deserves their very own Personal Comfort with Relax in Comfort®
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Maintain The Cuddle Zone with Our Flex-Head & Flex-FOOT Design
(Flex-Head King & Flex-Head Queen)
Our Flex-Head & Flex-Foot models allows each sleep partner to adjust both their head and foot section independently for each side with our FLEX-FOOT technology!  Why sleep in two Twin XL mattresses pushed together to form a King size bed or compromise your comfort in a one piece mattress. Maintain your Cuddle Zone with our Flex-Head  w/ Flex-FOOT  design.

Sleep Number® Flex-Top design does not allow for individual partner leg elevation.  All Sleep Number Beds use industrial strength magnets to hold the mattress in place while elevating the bed without providing separate partner leg elevation. Also, Sleep Number does not offer a Flex-Head Queen size option.


Full Body Massage

Our Power Bases are equipped with back and leg massage motors with individual intensity and a rhythm wave feature that produces a very relaxing rolling sensation or a stimulating high energy sensation. Each partner has their own system in all Flex Head models.

Sleep Number® branded Beds do not have any massage feature available.
Compare to Sleep number
Compare to sleep number


Refresh & Renew The Comfort Layer 
And Make Like New Again

Our Personal Comfort® adjustable smart bed components are completely replaceable. All foam softens and wears out over time. With our zippered top you can easily replace just the top comfort layer and make your bed feel like new again instead of buying a new bed every 8 years. Our smart adjustable bed is truly the last bed you will ever need.

The Sleep Number® Bed design requires the entire foam encasement (top comfort layer & side structure) to be replaced when only the comfort layer is in need of replacement.


Customized Mattress Firmness

Choose from 45 individual firmness settings (measured & displayed in a medically recognized scale) for each side and enjoy more than twice the comfort levels of Sleep Number.

Sleep Number's® firmness control goes up to 100, in increments of 5 – for 20 total bed settings
Personal Comfort Adjustable Smart Bed


Cooling Mattress Cover

Personal Comfort® Rejuvenation beds feature a removable zippered cover with Phase Change cooling fabric to help wick away moisture and keep you drier and cooler all night long. 

Sleep Number® mattress covers have the zipper placement on the bottom of the mattress which may make components more challenging to access.


Durable Urethane

Air Chambers

 Personal Comfort Rejuvenation models use Ultra Flex pliable medical grade urethane sleep chambers  that are RF welded together and have five years of full warranty coverage.  The urethane chamber design provides support throughout your mattress and since they are pliable, and no magnets are utilized, they allow for individual partner leg elevation in all Flex-Head models. 

Sleep Number® Flex-Top models have vulcanized rubber air chambers, with seams that are glued- not welded together and come with one-year full warranty coverage.
 Please note, the Sleep Number Flex-Top models come with
high powered multiple attachment magnets and do not provide separate leg elevations.
Personal Comfort Air Control

*Shown with optional 2nd Remote


Wireless Ergonomic Remote
Control Included

We include a wireless remote control with all Rejuvenation adjustable smart beds. Each partner may control their side with their smart device, using the Personal Comfort App powered by a medical grade pressure scale, to ensure the most precise adjustments.

Sleep Number® beds do not include any remote controls, they must be purchased separately.


Quality Controlled 

Manufacturing Process

Founded in 1972, American National's history of innovation in perfecting beds for home and medical use is the foundation on which Personal Comfort was made.

Select Comfort introduced the Sleep Number® settings in 1997.


Industry Leading
25-Year Warranty

We stand behind every Personal Comfort® Rejuvenation model  with a 25-year limited factory warranty with 5 years full coverage. Which may be extended to 10-years of full coverage with an optionally purchased Safeware protection plan.

Sleep Number® offers 15-year limited warranty with 1-year of full coverage on parts and NO extended protection plan is available.


3rd Generation 
Family Owned & Operated

In 1967, the DePaulis family founded the first back care and sleep specialty store in America. Today, we remain a 3rd generation family owned &  operated wellness company - in fact, with us you are more than a customer, you are family! We are proud to be an accredited business member with an "A Plus" rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and we delight in the plethora of 5-Star Reviews from our thousands of satisfied customers.

Select Comfort now known as Sleep Number®, is a publicly traded company and was founded in 1987.
Adjustable Smart Bed Couple


Our wellness educators can PROVE how much better you can feel EVERY day during a private demonstration.

Since 1967, we have helped consumers to sit, sleep and feel better every day. 

Adjustable Smart Bed Couple

We proudly represent the best legacy brands for Adjustable Smart Beds, Massage Chairs, Zero Gravity Recliners and Sleep Related Accessories.

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