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TEMPUR-breeze° Collection by TEMPUR-Pedic





We designed our breeze° mattresses in our thermal laboratory to help manage the micro-climate between your mattress and your covers — for a cooler, deeper sleep all night long.  Research suggests a cooler sleep environment helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with less tossing and turning… for better quality sleep.

Experience All-Night Cooling

Cool When You Lie Down – Infused with cooling fibers, the cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate™ Cover invites you to settle in for the night and relax.

Cool As You Fall Asleep – After just a few minutes, you’ll begin to feel the soothing, cooling sensation of our PureCool+™ Phase Change Material.

Cool All Night Long – Over the next 8 hours, the advanced TEMPUR-CM+™ comfort layer helps you sleep cool and wake up feeling refreshed.

How TEMPUR® Material Works 

We’ve evolved our proprietary technology over decades to precisely conform to your unique body, relieve pressure points, and reduce motion transfer.

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Adjustable Bed Base
Split-Top King (Includes both sides) (+$3,999.98)
Adjustable Bed Base
Split-Top Queen (Includes both sides) (+$3,999.98)
Adjustable Bed Base
1-PC King: 1 King Base (+$2,899.98)
Adjustable Bed Base
1-PC Queen: 1 Queen Base (+$2,299.98)
Mattress Bed Sheets
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TEMPUR-breeze by Tempur-Pedic top-rated breeze mattresses feature innovative materials. As a result, they work together from cover to core to keep you cooler and more comfortable all night long.  Every breeze mattress features unique layers of proprietary TEMPUR material originally developed by NASA that precisely conform to relieve pressure.  Tempur-Pedic mattresses are expertly engineered with advanced motion-absorbing properties. Therefore, both sleepers can achieve relaxing, undisturbed sleep all night long.  A taller profiles gives more one-of-a-kind TEMPUR technology. Moreover, each layer continuously alleviating pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

TEMPUR-breeze by Tempur-Pedic Layers of Cooling Comfort

Smart Climate Cover System

Feels instantly cool and features a convenient zip-off outer cover that is machine washable

TEMPUR-breeze by Tempur-Pedic Pure Cool Technology

Our innovative Phase-Change Material absorbs excessive heat and enables better airflow. As a result, sleepers fall asleep faster.

TEMPUR-CM+ Material

Allows the heat & humidity normally trapped in your covers to be cycled out of the mattress

Ventilated TEMPUR APR Material – TEMPUR-breeze by Tempur-Pedic

Our most pressure-relieving material ever—enhanced with an ultra-breathable design Exclusive to LUXE breeze

The PRO-breeze collection has a 3-Level Cooling System – Three layers of innovative materials for all-night comfort.

The LUXE-breeze collection has 4-Level Cooling System – Next-level technology for max cooling & pressure relief.

Cool When You Lie Down

Infused with cooling fibers, the cool-to-the-touch Smart Climate™ Cover invites you to settle in for the night and relax.

Cool As You Fall Asleep

After just a few minutes, you’ll begin to feel the soothing, cooling sensation of our Pure Cool+™ Phase Change Material.

A Mattress Made for Big Dreams

TEMPUR® Material isn’t like ordinary memory foam — or any other material on Earth. Originally created by NASA to cushion astronauts during space travel.  Additionally, it was perfected by our scientists for sleep. Our technology provides a level of comfort like no other.

Our mattresses adapt and conform to your body’s unique needs throughout the night, to help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. As a result, wake up feeling better than ever.

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TEMPUR-breeze by Tempur-Pedic

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12" (PRObreeze), 13" (LUXEbreeze)


, , , , , , ,


Firm, Medium, Medium-Hybrid, Soft

12" TEMPUR-PRObreeze°

12" TEMPUR-PRObreeze°

TEMPUR-probreeze mattress details

Tempur-pedic probreeze size dimensions

13” TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze°

13” TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze°

TEMPUR-pedic luxebreeze mattress details

TEMPUR-breeze° Collection Comparison

TEMPUR-breeze° Collection Comparison

TEMPUR-pedic Probreeze_v_Luxebreeze

Warranty | Registration | Support

Warranty | Registration | Support

Tempurpedic Award

We believe in the quality of our products and we build them to last for years. Still, we realize that sometimes things go wrong. To protect you against defects, we include a limited warranty with most of our products. You can file a warranty claim, register your new product, or view the details of our product warranties using the links below.



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