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Malouf S755



The pinnacle of relaxation and luxury, the Malouf S755 adjustable bed gives you everything you need for a great night’s sleep. Find the perfect resting position with the basic adjustable head and foot panels plus head tilt and lumbar support. The Reach Assist™ feature pulls the bed back toward the wall as you incline for easy access to your nightstand. Built-in Bluetooth® makes it easy to customize your experience with the MALOUF® Base app (Android and iOS).

Malouf S755 adjustable bed includes additional features.  5 preset positions (Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat) and six programmable positions that can be customized and saved. The luxurious massage feature gives you four types, three intensities, and three time settings. Our wireless LED backlit remote control is motion activated so you can simply pick up the remote to light up the buttons. And the underbed LED lights cast a warm glow bright enough for you to see, but soft enough so you stay relaxed. This base also includes a backup battery to power your base in the event of a power outage.

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The Malouf S755 adjustable bed combines luxurious sleep with the health benefits of sleeping elevated. Studies have shown that sleeping elevated can help help relieve back pain, ease sleep apnea and help reduce snoring. Even reduce acid reflux and heartburn. When using the upgraded head tilt feature it makes watching TV more comfortable. No more bulky pillows needed, and no more neck strain!

The Malouf S755 adjustable bed also includes massage motors. They have nine dual-zone options so you can feel truly restored. Additionally, an independent head incline up to 55 degrees and a foot incline to 45 degrees, your comfort is fully customizable. It comes with seven preset positions designed by our sleep experts. There are six programmable positions.  You can personalize and save as your personalized settings. As a result, this premium technology of the Malouf Base™ app for Android and iOS, you can access groundbreaking features.  Your bed can be operated with your phone (including Siri® Shortcuts) or the backlit, wireless remote control.


Eliminate the stress of the day. Use the advanced vibrational head and foot massage for the ultimate relaxation before bed. It’s even got different programs and intensities to change the feel from one day to the next in your Malouf S755 adjustable bed.

SLEEK UPHOLSTERY – Malouf S755 adjustable bed

On the Malouf S755 adjustable bed, the frame looks great on its own or fits into most existing bed frames. Since it’s true zero clearance, it can sit directly on foundations, platform bases, slat beds, or the ground.

SMART HOME READY – Malouf S755 adjustable bed

Use the built-in Bluetooth® to connect your adjustable base to your phone. Then use our award-winning MALOUF™ Base App to control not only your position, but your partner’s too—without needing to steal their remote.


With the Malouf S755 adjustable bed, you can use the MALOUF™ Base App to set up automatic snore detection for the smoothest transition to silence you’ve ever experienced. You can thank us later.

Available in Twin XL, Queen and King sizes.

Our other Adjustable Smart Beds can be beautifully paired as well.  Visit our number bed page

Adjustable beds can assist with  snoring, sleep apnea, back pain, neck pain, tossing and turning, circulation and acid reflux.  Watching TV or reading positions can be so much more comfortable when adding a power base to your mattress.


Malouf S755 adjustable bed

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* Independent head incline: 0 – 55°, foot incline: 0 – 45°
* Nine dual-zone massage options: 3 programs, 3 intensities, 3 timers
* Independent Head tilt helps improve breathing and stop snoring
* Bluetooth® built-in with award-winning Malouf Base™ app
* Siri® Shortcut voice commands with iOS12 and up
* Seven preset positions and six programmable positions; LED backlit * * Wireless remote control; child-lock safety feature
* Under-bed LED nightlights; sleek upholstered design and durable * * * Whisper-quiet motors; two dual USB charging ports
* True zero clearance; place directly on foundations, platform bases * * 850-pound weight capacity on all sizes
* 20-year limited factory warranty



Malouf Structures™ Adjustable Bases offer a 20 year limited factory warranty. An additional power base protection plain is available at time of purchase that increases the limited coverages to a full ten years. Ask your wellness educator for details.

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Malouf Adjustable Bed Base Comparison Chart

Malouf Adjustable Bed Base Comparison Chart

Base feature comparison

Current Malouf Base Owners

Current Malouf Base Owners

Download Partner Control and Siri Shortcut instructions HERE.




WARRANTY SERVICE: Email to submit a warranty claim. Please have your purchase receipt available. We need a receipt for all warranty claims.

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