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Benefits of an adjustable bed after surgery

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Post-Surgery Needs

Sleeping on an adjustable bed after surgery gives you the support needed for optimal healing and rest. Unlike sleeping on a normal flat bed, the natural curvature of your spine is maintained when you sleep on an adjustable bed. If you have a flat bed, you will have to use pillows to elevate your body and get a comfortable sleeping position. You might also use a rolled blanket to raise your legs if you lack extra pillows. Most people naturally try to mimic the positions of an adjustable bed, so clearly there are innate benefits. Here are some of the most notable benefits for post-surgery recovery.

Blood Circulation is Improved

The legs can be positioned higher than the torso, allowing blood to flow better than when laying flat. The bed can also be adjusted daily, to reflect any changing needs of the patient. Beyond comfort, this provides the patient with a variety of laying positions to help promote proper circulation, which leads to quicker recovery.

Independence is Achieved

Standing and sitting up are strenuous activities after undergoing a surgical procedure. It is extremely common to require assistance getting in and out of bed during this weakened state. Adjustable beds make this easier by bringing the body to an upright position before even attempting to leave the bed.

Swelling is Reduced

When on an adjustable bed, your upper body is raised, and your knees are the level of your heart. Or they may even be in the Zero Gravity position, where the body feels weightless. This position helps prevent fluids from accumulating in your legs. As a result, swelling can be significantly reduced.

Breathing is More Efficient

When your shoulders, neck and head are elevated, your airways stay open and your lungs can function optimally. This eliminates any probabilities of you experiencing difficulty breathing in your sleep. It also means that symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, and other nighttime disturbances can be significantly improved.

Pressure is Distributed Evenly

Maintaining your spine’s natural curvature while sleeping enhances pressure relief on your back. It is the exact opposite when you lie flat on your back; you experience more pain due to uneven pressure distribution. Low back pain, a sore shoulder, or a sore neck are common issues that come from improper sleep posture.

Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep without interruption from having pains, difficulty breathing and inability to move unassisted is critical after surgery. While some nights may be difficult because of ancillary factors due to surgery, the majority of your sleep can be significantly improved from all of the above factors. With better sleep comes quicker recovery, and a greater likelihood of returning to your normal schedule.

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