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Relax In Comfort has been nominated 5 times by The National Home Furnishings Association (HFA) for the past 4 years.  Thrice as a Retailer of the Year 2020, 2021, 2023 respectively, Don DePaulis, President/CEO as Trailblazer of the Year 2020 and Jackie Ricardo VP of Sales as Emerging Star of the Year 2021.   

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IFAG Global Healthcare Award 2021

Award Recipient with award

After careful consideration and extensive research, the IFAH (International Forum on Advancements of Healthcare) awards committee selected our very own, Jackie Ricardofor the Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries Award to be conferred at IFAH USA 2020-21 on June 23-25, 2021 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA. 

 All nominees were judged on 5 parameters, namely:

  1. Overall Reach
  2. Industry Impact
  3. Spirit of Innovation
  4. Future Readiness
  5. Market Demand

IFAH primarily comprises achievers from the industry whom they recognize for their contributions and provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst this elite group of high performing individuals and companies.  


Titans of Adjustable Smart Beds Unite to Create the
X10 With Innovations Never Seen Before

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dan Wall, the creator of the original Split Top mattress design and Craig Miller, creator of the original number bed have joined forces to launch an entirely new line of adjustable firmness number bed mattresses.

According to Dan Wall, the new model is the perfect marriage of a Sleep Number® bed with a Tempur-Pedic® bed. Wall stated, "The new x10 incorporates advanced pliable urethane sleep chambers with a low-profile lock tight edge support system that does not require high-powered magnets to hold the mattress in place when elevated on a power base."

Miller's Instant Comfort® company's design utilizes a medical scale pressure monitoring system with dynamic measuring abilities. Sleep Number® is the primary competitor to Instant Comfort® and has a virtually monolithic market share of the adjustable firmness mattress industry with over 1.3 billion in annual sales. Miller and Wall plan to be a market disrupter to Sleep Number's® value proposition by offering a better number bed at dramatically lower prices while continuing product innovation.

As creators of the original numbered air bed, and the original split top mattress design, Miller and Wall are uniquely paired to revolutionize the adjustable firmness industry.

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Dr. Michael Breus, Renowned Sleep Doctor, Highlights
The ReST Bed™ as ‘His Favorite’ from the 2019 Sleep Show

ReST and Timeshifter Win National Sleep Foundation
SleepTech Awards

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recently announced the winners of the 2019 SleepTech Awards. These awards recognize innovative sleep technology companies. Twenty-eight semi-finalists pitched their products to a panel of judges in front of a live audience at the Sleep Show in Houston, Texas on March 9th.  Five finalists were selected from this group. Of those five finalists, ReST Performance and Timeshifter took home the association’s prestigious Sleep Tech awards.

The ReST Bed—a bed that senses a sleeper's position then uses that information to make automatic adjustments in real-time—won the 2019 SleepTech Award.

Timeshifter - The Jet Lag App—an application which uses sleep and circadian neuroscience research to help its users to create a personalized jet lag plan—won the 2019 SleepTech App Award.


CES Innovation award

KAI is a massage chair with SONIC WAVE (neuromuscular stimulation massage) designed to satisfy the user's sense of deep touch and emotion of the human body utilizing the low-frequency sound wave and motion the world's first technology incorporated in a massage chair. It also features a special music synchronized massage created in collaboration by HUTECH and Universal Music Studio.

Kai GTS9 Massage Chair

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