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Adjustable Smart Beds FAQ

Dr. Oz Bed Adjustable Bed

How does the Personal Comfort adjustable smart bed model compare to the Sleep Number brand models?

Both brands provide for individual firmness for each sleep partner that can be changed over time as needed & both brands will provide you a great night's sleep!  However, the Rejuvenation models enjoys several differentiators that none the Sleep Number models enjoy.  The Rejuvenation adjustable smart bed models have 10 distinct advantages over even their best i10 model, including a medical scale firmness system, advanced pliable urethane air chambers and easily removable cooling cover for the ultimate in personalization.

How can Relax in Comfort sell a better adjustable smart bed at a lower price than Sleep Number?

Bigger companies have bigger overhead.  Short and simple.  We are locally owned & operated for over 56 years – we sell for less.  Our power system bundles have incredible value saving you thousands over Sleep Number power systems.  Our overhead is low and our product quality is high.  We so strongly believe in this fact that should you try us, and buy theirs, we will give you a $100 Visa gift card.

Does the Sleep Number smart bed mattress sense & adjust my firmness while my bed is elevated?

No.  Sleep Number's Responsive Air Technology ONLY operates when the mattress is in the FLAT position.  However, the Personal Comfort adjustable smart bed's responsive real time pressure monitoring system works in ANY position including flat or full zero gravity.

What makes the Personal Comfort Rejuvenation Series model better than the Sleep Number i10 ? (Sleep Number's very best power bed bundle)?

Simply stated the Personal Comfort Rejuvenation Series adjustable smart bed enjoys the following advantages:  Rejuvenation models have an easily removable cooling cover – pliable medical grade Ultra-Flex sleep chambers designed for both Flex Head and Flex foot elevation- power bases with multi- speed vibrational massage , automatic, real time,  snore detection & response, "Hey Siri" commands. all backed by a industry leading 25-year limited warranty.

What is a Flex Head or Split Top mattress anyway?

The Flex Head mattress is a king or queen mattress with a 1/3 mini split down the top center of the mattress. This allows couples to have independent elevation adjustments without using separate twin size mattresses as with any Split King system. With the Flex Head  design, couples can still cuddle since the bottom 2/3 of the mattress remains solid.  Unlike Sleep Number models, RIC's x10 Adjustable Smart Bed also has Flex Foot which allows for individual partner leg adjustments too!

What is the difference between the Split King (or Queen) and  Flex Head King (or Queen)?

A Flex Head Bed has a split in the HEAD  section about a third of the way down the length of the mattress. This allows for separate control of the head portion of the bed, while also preserving the “cuddle zone” in the middle of the bed. The foot of the bed can still be operated separately, with our exclusive Flex Foot design.  A Split King is two Twin XL bed’s side-by-side. The primary reason for purchasing  FULL SPLIT King is if you still want to be in completely separate beds with no cuddle zone.  Remember, only our FLEX HEAD mattresses come with FLEX FOOT, which means you can still separately elevate the foot for each sleeper.

Will I need special sheets with the Flex Head mattress?

If you already have regular size DEEP POCKET King or Queen sheets, they can still be used on the Flex Head King or Queen mattress.  However, optimal range of motion is achieved with the Flex Head fitted sheet.  You can easily order them from us (always lower than other retailers) in person or on our website - our mattress customers receive a 20% discount on all linen for the life of the mattress. 

What makes the Personal Comfort Rejuvenation series Adjustable Smart Bed mattress cover better than Sleep Number models?

The Rejuvenation Adjustable Smart Bed mattress cover design allows the consumer to easily remove the cover for washing the phase change cooling cover as desired or to easily access the top comfort layer to replace the comfort layer when it wears out in about 8 years.  

What makes the Personal Comfort Rejuvenation Series Adjustable Smart Bed mattress warranty better than any Sleep Number model mattress warranty?

Personal Comfort Rejuvenation Series mattresses boasts an industry leading 25-year ltd. warranty with five years of full coverage protection. In addition with the optional Safeware Protection Plan, the factory coverage is extended for ten full years. By contrast, Sleep Number mattress models have a 15-year limited warranty and only the first year is full coverage with no extended warranty plans available.

How many actual Adjustable Smart Bed firmness levels are available?

Sleep Number’s models all have 20 actual sleep numbers ranging in increments of 5 up to 100.  The Personal Comfort Adjustable Smart Bed has 45 unique numbers for each sleep partner.  Our advanced system may be controlled by an App on your smart phone or other device or with the included touch screen controllers included for each side- no sharing remotes or searching for your partner’s remote during the night. (remotes are additional charge on Sleep Number models)

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