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TEMPUR-Pedic Beds Frequently Asked Questions

How did Tempur-Pedic become the #1 most trusted mattress brand in America?

Tempur-Pedic answers the age-old riddle of balancing pressure relief with support.  While both are needed, they have opposing requirements. The traditional innerspring mattress is designed to get you away from the center of the mattress.  Tempur-Pedic mattresses are designed to allow you to settle into the mattress, with pressure relieving materials to provide the optimal blend of comfort & support needed for deep restorative sleep.

Why is Tempur-Pedic so expensive compared to the knock off brands?

In one word, quality.  Consider a pair of shoes, watch, dress shirt, blouse, purse, dinner out, furniture or your automobile.  There are always cheap knock off options that rarely deliver quality, and rarely has much of a use life.  As we mature, adults learn that quality actually pays.  In fact, the most expensive mattress to own is the one with a cheap price.  One that doesn’t provide comfort or support and is relegated to the attic in a year or two and most importantly, will most likely rob you of a good night’s sleep.

How many models are there of Tempur-Pedic mattresses? 

Tempur-Pedic has 3 collections of mattresses.  The Cloud collection is an older design and is the most affordable option.  The Adapt collection consist of Adapt, Pro Adapt and Luxe Adapt.  The Breeze collection consists of the Pro Breeze and the Luxe Breeze.  Each model comes in various feels – from soft to medium to firm depending upon the model.  There are also “Hybrid” models which add spring units to the mattress to provide for a more traditional feel as well as additional bounce.

How does Tempur-Pedic compare to a Adjustable Smart Bed?

A number bed allows you to determine the feel of the mattress in real-time, much like driving a car with a 5-Speed transmission - you can decide when to “change gears” and adjust your mattress from soft to firm on demand.  Tempur-Pedic adjusts like an automatic transmission – automatically relieving pressure and providing support within the parameters of the feel selected.  Both are great solutions and both have raving fans.  We invite you to our “one-stop shopping experience” and feel them both.  Then, decide for yourself.  Price levels are very comparable given our decades of experience with both brands we find it is really a matter of personal preference.

Is Tempur-Pedic good for hot sleepers?

Absolutely!  Although a mattress cannot change your body chemistry, we can keep you cooler (up to 10 degrees cooler) by wicking the moisture away from you. Thus keeping you drier by utilizing phase change technology fabrics.  Also, Relax in Comfort has top-of-bed cooling technologies in bed sheets and mattress protectors designed to enhance and promote cooling. 

Why should I consider the adjustable elevation power base?

The most common reason is for the all new automatic real-time snore detection & response- which will automatically elevate the head section instantly upon the first human snore!  In addition, consider the power bed base like having power seats in a luxury car during an 8-hour car ride.  With power seats, the ride is more comfortable – with a power bed your sleep comfort is optimized.  Go from flat, to the Zero Gravity floating position, to TV or sitting positions- the possibilities of comfort are endless!  Additionally, many power bases now include USB charging ports, underbed LED lighting, pillow tilt feature, and multi-speed wave form massage vibration.  All at the touch of a button or by “Hey Siri” or “Hey Alexa” voice commands on selected models. 

Why should we purchase from Relax in Comfort?

Relax in Comfort was the FIRST independent retail partner to have Tempur-Pedic mattress back in 1999 in Central Florida- years before Tempur-Pedic became a household name. We are a 3rd generation family owned business- we are back care & sleep experts – this is our specialty – and as experts we are uniquely qualified to help you make the best buying decision. As a bonus we honor all factory direct promotions and we promise to always treat you like family.

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