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Zero Gravity Sleep Narrative

Everyone knows the three most important factors in buying real estate – location- location- location! Sadly only Sleep Experts seem to know that the three most important factors in optimal sleep are Position- Position- Position! If you can place your body in the proper ergonomic position with the correct amount of elevation, ( micro zero gravity) you will reduce pressure points, enhance breathing, promote better circulation to the extremities and reduce pressure & strain on the lower back.

Have you ever floated on your back in water? Have you ever tried to float on your side? For the same reason that you cannot float on your side is why we do not recommend sleeping on your side without slight elevation. Sleeping on your side on a flat mattress creates additional stress and pressure on the hips and shoulders and your body will toss and turn throughout the night trying to reduce pressure points, or avoid numbness (often too late) resulting in waking up feeling more tired than the night before! Slight elevation in a zero gravity power sleep system while on your side reduces pressure points and better aligns your spine and enhances respiration.

The 3 most important factors in optimal sleep are...

Do you know WHY you do not sleep on your back now?   The reason is so simple it may surprise you!

Take a look inside yourself - the human spine is not flat.

Your spine has a slight S-curve and when you lie flat on your back, you put additional pressure and tension on your spinal column, back and leg muscles connected to the spine. Since your entire body is curved and not flat, most people cannot sleep on their back in an ordinary flat bed. In fact, conventional flat mattresses force most individuals to sleep on their side in a semi-fetal position. This is not something we were taught; rather, it is something we do out of necessity. With an ordinary flat mattress your only alternative is to try to adjust your body to the bed, such as turning to your left or right side, tossing and turning, on average, 40 - 80 times per night!

Sleeping on your side creates pressure, stress and strain on the narrow side of your body, notably your arm/shoulder, hip or knee areas. This makes deep breathing much more difficult and restricts blood circulation. Have you ever had your arm fall asleep during the night or awaken in the morning and been more tired than the night before? This constant tossing and turning leads to sleep fragmentation and may disrupt the natural sleep cycle progression and prevent you from enjoying the deep, restful, restorative sleep you deserve.

Enjoy 21st Century Sleep Technology & Take the Roar out of Snore!

The primary benefit of an adjustable power bed is to allow you to sleep on your back or side during the night with both your head and leg sections slightly elevated. (This is called the Williams’ or micro zero gravity position.) The degree of elevation will vary among individuals, however, in absence of an ailment just a few inches on both ends completely changes your posture dynamic and creates a more comfortable semi-fetal or contour position.

With slight elevation your chest cavity relaxes and you open up breathing passages and you will have significantly better respiration. Elevating the bed into a zero gravity position will take the roar out of snore for you too! Stop in and try, you too you will feel the difference!

Your new power bed will allow you to adjust yourself into hundreds of relaxing positions, all without creating pressure, stress or strain on your body. While sleeping on your back in the zero gravity position, your circulation will be enhanced, your breathing made easier, your hips and low back become cradled by the mattress. In short, your weight will be more evenly distributed and you will be infinitely more comfortable than lying on your side or back on an ordinary flat bed!

The NEW, 4-way power adjustable Power Bed
For the rest of your life!

During the night, while you sleep on your back or side in this new micro zero gravity position, you may make slight adjustments to the degree of elevation during the night (much like adjusting six-way power seats in your car during a long trip). This will allow you to change your position while still maintaining the benefits of the zero gravity position.

However, only about 50% of our customers purchase a power bed to improve a sleep-related condition. The other 50% purchase theirs for the wonderful relaxation benefits of the massage system or simply to elevate their bed while watching TV, reading, interacting on social media or surfing the web on their laptop computer. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Where else should you be more comfortable?

If you have power windows, power locks and power seats in your car, that you only use for an average of an hour per day, why not have a 4-way power bed in your bedroom where you'll spend 1/3 of your life?

Our holistic approach begins with an individual sleep consultation. All of our mattresses may be personalized in firmness from day one, customized over time for firmness for a lifetime and then “refresh & renew” every eight years instead of buying a brand new mattress like the national brands decry. Stop in or call to learn more about the best sleep system for your body and mind. We believe we can radically improve the one third of your life spent sleeping and, most importantly, your waking hours!

Additional Health Benefits of the Zero Gravity Position

This physician-recommended position, used by NASA astronauts during lift-off, promotes total relaxation by reducing physical stress. The open angle between torso and thigh expands lung capacity, increases blood oxygen levels and reduces stress. Your legs are positioned above your heart to reduce pressure on your spine and relieve muscle tension. Compared to traditional flat mattresses alone, the Zero Gravity position obtainable in our power bases help reduce back pain and muscle pressure, and contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Unloading of Spinal Discs

Human spinal discs have viscoelastic properties. That is, they compress at a decelerating rate when loaded and expand at a decelerating rate when unloaded. Higher loads result in a higher rate of compression. Spinal loading from daily activities will cause shrinkage in stature, of up to 20mm over the day. (Astronauts are up to 2 inches taller when they return to earth, than they are when they leave!)

This transfer of fluid in and out of the disc is the body's mechanism for supplying nutrition to the discs. Spinal discs do not have a direct blood supply, and this osmosis and diffusion is essential to maintaining spinal health. Of course, disc fluid transfer is also increased with movement (that is, exercise!)

Given that the onset of degenerative spinal changes occurs commonly at a young age in industrialized societies such as our own, and that these degenerative spinal changes occur only at more advanced ages in primitive societies, it is likely that we need much more unloading and/or exercise in our daily lives than we currently get.

Loads on the lumbar spine are reduced in neutral lumbar postures. Technically speaking, the neutral posture is defined as being near the mid-point of the available range-of-motion in that body region.

Relaxation of Spinal Muscle

The heart pumps blood, full of nutrients and oxygen, to our body parts. Muscles pump blood, carrying the waste products of metabolism, back to the heart. The muscle pump works by massaging the blood vessels which pass through them. The pumping massage action occurs as the muscles intermittently contract and relax. During sustained muscle contractions, blood flow through the muscles is restricted or occluded. So it is important that the muscles have intermittent opportunities to relax. (For references, check any basic physiology text.)

Don’t Make An 8 Year Mistake

At Relax In Comfort we are so confident in the quality and comfort of our adjustable beds, that if you try our beds and buy from a competitor, we will give you $100 gift card. (Of equal or greater price. See your Wellness Educator for complete details.) 

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