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Massage Chair FAQ’s

Our Promise

There are over 100 brands of massage chairs available online.  However, only 12 of those brands are sold in stores nationwide.  Those 12 brands are battlefield tested and proven to be reliable and have earned a trust badge and are worthy of your consideration.  Of those 12 brands ONLY 5 are ALSO Global brands, sold in multiple countries, which have the highest trust badge and have earned the highest degree of trust and long term customer satisfaction.  At Relax In Comfort we are proud to represent those 5 Global brands.

As a Furniture For Life (FFL) exclusive Central Florida Gallery, we are proud to continue our promise to focus on presenting only the best massage chairs available today to Central Florida consumers. These Global brands include the LARGEST company (Panasonic) and from the lineage of the OLDEST company brand (D-Core), along with the most INNOVATIVE brand (OHCO). The newest collection by KAI, the CES Innovation Award Winner for 2022 with patented Sonic Wave therapy and Music Sync collaboration and the "Best In Class" value-centric brand (Positive Posture). When you shop for massage chairs at Relax in Comfort we promise the following:

  • We offer only deeply trusted Global brands with a proven track record of performance.
  • We endeavor to be a credible and accurate source of massage chair information.
  • We will distinguish ourselves to you as those who know a lot about massage chairs and massage therapy.
  • We will further distinguish ourselves as caring people who are pursuing a passion to share massage with your best interests always in mind.

What are the top factors when selecting a massage chair?

There are 3 primary variables in selecting the best massage chair for your individual needs.  First is the aesthetic appearance of the chair, secondly the massage experience itself and third the dependability of the brand.  Each factor will be discussed in more detail below.

Massage Chair Aesthetics:  Often Consumers will mistakenly rank this factor at the top of their decision-making process. Although it is an important consideration, never let décor outweigh how the chair makes you feel.  You are not really buying a chair– rather a massage experience built into a chair for convenience of use.  Ultimately you are buying a “massage on demand” delivery system.

Massage Chair Choreography:  Imagine the same paint, same brushes and same canvas as Rembrandt or Thomas Kincaid use to paint a landscape portrait.  Then, have an average run-of-the mill mediocre painter create the same landscape portrait, using the exact same materials.  One oil painting would be magnificent and the other just average.  The same holds true for massage choreography.  Those designed by true Japanese massage masters are unequalled by the-off-the-shelf generic brands.  In essence, your massage experience is only going to be as good as the movements, programs and functions that are designed and choreographed into the chair.

Massage Brand Dependability:  If the chair brand or model is only available online it is being sold on price alone and not for long term satisfaction, performance or durability.  If you aren't able to visit an actual showroom to experience for yourself, ask yourself why??  Most likely the brand can't withstand in-store usage much less your daily, in-home use.  The internet is a race to the bottom- where low price, and low quality wins the sale.  Buyer Beware.  Be sure to read the FINE PRINT on the printed warranty- they are replete with stipulations and exclusions as to coverages and nearly always exclude any in-home labor coverage.

Massage Chair Warranty Comparison Chart

Is a monthly visit to a massage therapist or daily use of a massage chair better? 

Imagine seeing a professional hygienist monthly without brushing your teeth daily.  The monthly visits would do little good if you did not augment the professional visit with daily self-care.  Likewise, utilizing the services of a massage therapist monthly can provide temporary benefits, but without daily massage therapy, muscle memory, daily stress and everyday life will exhaust the once a month temporary benefit.  Any self-care or wellness activity such as fast walking, yoga stretching, weight training, mediation or massage must be done on a regular basis to achieve a wellness benefit.

Why own a high quality massage chair? 

A state of the art high quality massage chair provides not only a wonderfully calming and relaxing experience, but it can further therapeutically assist the areas of our body that cause habitual discomfort, i.e. lower back, neck and shoulders, foot and calf pain, glutes and IT band.  This can be done at your convenience, on demand, in the comfort & privacy of your home, and is more than cost effective.  Current technologies have made quality massage chair programs that mirror a human touch in ways heretofore not available.  There can be such a wide range to the customization that you can experience that will bring hours of comfort and relief to tired and aching muscles just when you need it.  Massage chairs aren't meant to replace your therapist, but rather enhance the benefit you may be receiving.  No one knows you like you do, and with a massage chair, your massage program can be customized for you, by you, and can be spot on 100% of the time.

Why are the product specifications of each massage chair largely irrelevant to determine the best chair for my needs? 

Consider that a new Ford Fiesta and a new Lexus have many similarities as to number of air bags, the steering wheel column, the automatic transmission, the number of doors & wheels, and even the sound & navigation systems etc.  However, nobody in their right mind would argue they provide the same driving experience.  It is the choreography of the movements, the quality craftmanship, and the thoughtfulness in its design that make the difference in the user experience.

Why are there so many unknown brands of cheap priced massage chairs online?

Due the tremendous rise in health & wellness awareness since the pandemic and the sudden increase in demand for an in-home, on demand, massage experience many entrepreneurs have begun importing massage chairs as a new business venture.  Their primary selling channel is online- and low price wins when selling online- so there has been a race to the bottom, resulting in cheaper and cheaper quality chairs that appear online.  While there are now over 100 brands/models of massage chairs that can be found online- only 12 of those brands are trustworthy.  Only 12 of the 100+ brands have proven themselves in local retail sales environments and only those 12 brands have a track record of at least ten years.  The other brands are cheap imports without a proven track record of performance and without service after the sale.  It has been said that once the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten, the bitterness of poor quality will remain forever.

Why do the Furniture For Life (FFL) brands never appear on those “TOP 10 BEST” chair lists published online?

Those lists are self-published by paid influencers and paid copywriters who are monetized  to create and push those lists on the internet earning them an affiliate commission for each sale made.  Considering that FFL brands distribute the top 5 Global brands and none of those brands ever appear on any of those “TOP 10” lists should be sufficient to question their authenticity.  Those lists are 100% self-serving and are not published by a legitimate 3rd party such as Consumer Reports, JD Powers, Good Housekeeping, or any other legitimate national rating agency.

Why should I avoid a cheap price massage chair?

First, there is an old saying that “cheap things are seldom good and good things are seldom cheap".  Beyond those words of wisdom, consider whenever you have bought a cheap product in the past, how did that work out for you?  Buying cheap quality almost always guarantees lack of satisfaction and performance.  As a result, a higher quality product is purchased to replace the cheap one.  Even though a cheap price massage chair is tempting, it is actually lower in cost to buy a high-quality chair first– and avoid the disappointment & headaches!

What can I expect to pay for a good massage chair?

That will vary for each consumer – the important details are to ensure you have 1) IN HOME service coverage 2) full parts coverage to include electronics 3) the exact chair that delivers the full body massage experience you prefer.  As to cost, Premium level massage chairs will exceed $10,000 in price.  Mid-level massage chairs are between $6,000 - $10,000 and entry-level full body massage chairs from $3,000 - $6,000.  Selecting one is done properly only in person to experience the differences that each brand offers.  Even a $16,000 M.8LE Limited Edition model is ONLY $4.38 per day to own over a ten-year period.

Why do Internet sales companies advertise a Lifetime Warranty, Easy Returns and No Sales Tax?

P.T. Barnam famously said in the early 1900’s, “There is a sucker born every minute” and the internet companies prey on the naïve and the gullible.  Truth is there are NO easy returns (disassembly and re-packaging and shipping is far from easy) and those “Lifetime” warranties have more little to no real protection (limited to only 2  visits – if within 25 miles – you buy all parts).  In many states, including our home state of Florida has a “Use and Sales Tax” which REQUIRES any Florida resident to pay SALES TAX on any and all shipments into Florida (the penalty when caught is enormous- plus interest & penalties are added- but you can EXEMPT Florida Sales Tax with a Doctor’s note).  Do yourself a favor and purchase only after trying the model in person, and from a company who provides in home after sales service & support (even better if from an Accredited Member of the BBB).

Why should I purchase from Relax in Comfort?

First, we are massage chair industry experts since our beginning in 1967, selling massage chairs with the Niagara Cyclo-Massage chair, which first debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair.  We remain family owned & operated- we are focused on your long-term ownership satisfaction, not simply focused on making a quick sale.  Our success for over 55 years is based on word of mouth advertising by providing high quality products at competitive prices.  You may experience all of the top Global brands in any of our stores and we have a price point for almost any budget, and no interest financing options, too. Today’s massage chairs are a complicated matrix of motors and chips- it is important that you have one designed & engineered by experts.  Plus, you have IN-HOME service after the sale.

What massage chair is best for overall value and performance?

The new Brio Plus model chair offers the best value for a fully loaded advanced massage chair.  The Brio offers zero gravity recline, gentle foot rollers, heated back rollers, enhanced back & leg heat, and an extended 3-D advanced L-Track roller which provides for a full body 4D massage all the way down to the glutes and a built in USB port to recharge your device and yourself at the same time.

What model has the newest technology available?

The 2022 CES Innovation Award Winning massage chair is the KAI GTS9.  The KAI has patented Sonic Wave massage therapy- providing for the first time ever, deep penetrating Sonic Wave muscle relief with a gentle touch massage mechanism.  The 2nd award winning innovation is Music Sync- allowing you to FEEL the music, with the beat and melody carefully choreographed to the massage sessions to include two collaborations with Universal Studios. A truly transformative experience from meditative to energetic.

What chair delivers the strongest massage intensity?

Without question the Panasonic MA-K1 with 12.5 cm of 4-D massage intensity.  Other models are from 3cm to 4cm of 4-D intensity. Panasonic Real Pro mechanism has the deepest and most intense massage experience of any chair sold in the world.  The D-Core Cirrus model is an L-track model with a very intense full body massage with 7.5cm depth and boasts a striking Japanese Wabi-sabi modern luxury appearance.

Do any chairs have heated rollers simulating hot stone therapy?

Yes.  The Panasonic models MA-73 and MA-J7, MA-K1 and GTS9 and the Brio Plus and select other models have true heated "hot stone" rollers as opposed to just a built-in heating unit warming a static area.

Do you offer a Lifetime Warranty as seen online?

No we do not, and neither do they! In our opinion, those are deceptive and misleading tactics to make a sale under very dubious conditions.  For example, the "Lifetime Warranty" is limited to a lifetime of only TWO visits, but ONLY if you live within 25 miles of the technician and ONLY after you pay for all parts. (only includes technician labor - ONLY if parts remain available).  Instead of gimmicks and trickery we provide an optional 5-year extended protection plan to include all parts, labor and in home visits, as needed.

Many brands offer what sounds like amazing warranty coverage while actually only covering massage and electronic parts for one year– with 90 days labor and often no in-home service at all.  You must find in writing what the labor coverage, full electronic massage parts coverage and in-home coverage periods are.  Do not be fooled by “structural frame coverages” that in fact cover virtually nothing.  In reality, it only includes the metal frame structure, not the electronic massage parts, motor block, hand controller, or circuit boards.

Why should I avoid an internet massage chair purchase?

When purchasing a massage chair, you are buying the massage chair experience.  Each model has a very unique choreography that must be experienced in person.  Selecting the best massage chair is not a left brain exercise and as such, it is impossible to evaluate that experience based on technical specification & features.  The "specs" do not indicate if the massage is gentle, rushed, purposeful or properly choreographed, or if it “feels” just right for your body and your individual needs.  Also, beware of “free in-home trials” that require excessive return fees or very expensive shipping fees often exceeding $1,500 in hidden out of pocket costs.

What is the best way to determine which chair will best fit my needs?

The only effective way to evaluate a massage chair is to experience the chair in person for an extended period of time in the comfort of our showroom.   Please allow a minimum of one hour to allow us time to evaluate your massage chair goals and for the actual massage chair experience.  Private shopping visits are also available.

How often should I use my massage chair?

Daily massage has wonderful and long-lasting wellness benefits.  The actual duration and best frequency will vary. Generally, even 3 to 5 massage sessions weekly is sufficient to help reduce stress and promote wellness.  Consult your physician or personal wellness coach or specialist for your personal massage plan.

How affordable are massage chairs to own?

Our models vary from the Sol chair priced at $2,000 to the OHCO Limited Edition M.8LE priced at $16,000- yet they are all surprisingly affordable and cost efficient.  Consider that even an ultra-high end model purchased at $12K is only $1,200 per year over ten years and only $3.28 per day to own!  Where else can you get a world class massage for $3.28 per day (other full body massage chairs - Katana model- from only 82 cents per day)?

How much space do they require?

Generally, the same space as a traditional recliner.  The Brio Classic model is a true wall hugger and actually requires only a few inches of wall clearance required behind the chair.

Are there any chairs that can also be used as a traditional recliner?

Yes.  The Panasonic MA-73 easily transforms from a deep tissue massage chair into a traditional recliner within seconds. 

Are your massage chairs really as good as a massage therapist?

Many owners state our massage chairs are as good as or better than their own massage therapist.  However, even if not as good as the best massage therapist in your area, using your own chair every day will do you more good than having the world’s best massage therapist once per week or once per month.  Our chairs' never say no, and never get tired.  Our chairs' massage at 7 AM is just as vigorous as one at 11 PM should you select the same program and intensity.  Total control is in your hands.  

Is there an extended protection plan available?

Yes.  For residential use we offer a 5-year complete protection plan available at time of purchase only for $500.  The plan covers any model massage chair regardless of price and also provides for fabric protection.  The plan essentially extends the factory warranty to a 5-year term.  See plan document for full details & plan limitations.  Commercial placement warranty coverage is available on most models with 2-year commercial coverage when purchased at time of sale (any commercial placement requires commercial warranty coverage purchase at time of sale).

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