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Adjustable beds, who knew

I Did, But...

I know we have all heard the catchphrase of, ‘location, location, location’ when it comes to residential and commercial enterprises, but when it comes to the world of sleep on adjustable beds, the operative three words are position, position, position! Since this world is now “my world”, you would think I would recognize firsthand the utmost importance of conforming my bed anatomically to my spine.

Well, I do know, but like many parents of yesteryear who loved to say ‘do as I say, and not as I do’, I am guilty as charged!

Not only do I work in the world of adjustable beds, but like the announcer of Hair Club for Men, I also am a ‘member’!

As an owner of our #1 best-selling adjustable firmness mattress, I fully understand the importance of having your head and feet properly adjusted to follow the natural contour of your spine in order to relieve pressure, increase respiration, increase circulation, and aid in the most comfortable and restorative sleep possible. That being said, what would possess me to toss caution to the wind and once again sleep flat??? Well, in defense of my momentary lapse of judgment for the first time (yes, there was more than one such lapse), was several weeks ago when I experienced a bout with the flu. I was so sick I felt like I had been bulldozed over with a truck. When I recognized I was not adjusted, I honestly didn’t want to move to get my power base remote. Bad decision on my part! I awoke in the middle of the night with real back discomfort. Did I reach for my remote like any smart person would have done and readjust my bed and body, no, I continued to lay there until 3:30 AM with totally unnecessary lower back pain. Even my husband told me that morning he wondered why in the world I was sleeping flat. For the greater part of the next day my lower back was in discomfort.

After all that, you would think I would have learned my lesson, but unfortunately not so!! Less than two weeks later, after a very long day on my feet, I dropped down into bed and fell asleep almost immediately, without ever touching my power base remote. Once again, in the middle of the night, I awoke to the same lower back pain. This time however, I did start to reach over to my nightstand to get my remote, but the pain in my right shoulder (arthritis) sent a pain through my arm that truly got my attention. So, instead of moving closer to the nightstand, I decided to just stay the way I was, flat. Bad mistake, because once again, several hours later I was awakened by some pretty severe back pain. Unfortunately, in that nebulous space between sleep and wakefulness, I ignored my body’s signals, and did nothing. When my alarm went off at 5:30AM, there was no usual bounding out of bed to meet the day, I truly felt every day of my age (let’s just I’m VERY eligible for a Senior+ discount at Denny’s). I wasn’t able to shake the discomfort until early afternoon.

Why do I relate my experiences? I hope to show you that having the most comfortable and restorative sleep experience possible requires more than just your sleep surface (mattress). Although I firmly believe that our adjustable firmness mattress is the best possible health and wellness mattress available on the market (I do own one), it does have its limitations. That being said, with our adjustable firmness mattress, you do have up to 100 personalized levels of comfort support for each partner in a king, queen, or full size composition, which is the ‘best of the best’; however, even with all its excellent features, it still does not provide in fullness, the head and foot articulation to anatomically follow the contour of your spinal column. There is no other mattress I would ever personally consider due to the extraordinary features it affords me such as unbelievable pressure relief and comfort (more on that in another entry), but why would I want to limit my sleep experience when there is so much more available to me when I join the adjustable firmness mattress with an adjustable power base? Not only will I experience an incredibly comfortable level of sleep, among the additional benefits of this truly restorative sleep are increased respiration (much less snoring), greater circulation, and a greatly reduced tendency to toss and turn throughout the night.

You might say that you have slept flat for years without experiencing the negative effects I have related. I must say that I was in that same camp for years, sleeping flat, tossing and turning, waking up and thinking that was the normal way to sleep, case closed. However, having finally experienced what truly comfortable and restorative sleep was all about, my body repelled when I suddenly took those additional benefits away. My curved spine just wasn’t going to allow me to return to sleeping flat without letting me know in no uncertain terms that this just wasn’t acceptable! Believe me, it is a lesson well learned, and one I don’t intend to revisit.

So, my hope in relating this story to you is to allow you to learn from my experience, and perhaps keep you from making the same misguided mistake. Rest assured that in reference to a mattress, our adjustable firmness mattress affords you the best there is to offer; and if you have never experienced what adjustable firmness support is all about, may I encourage you to stop by one of our three conveniently located showrooms for a demonstration. However, if you want to take your sleep experience to a whole new level, allow one of our award-winning, expert staff to introduce you to the world of power adjustment. Your back will thank you!!!!

Until then, sweet dreams!

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