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Things you can try if you can’t sleep

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Sleeping Can Be Difficult

There are a variety of physical and mental factors that may keep you awake at night. Digestion problems or specific medical conditions may be disturbing your rest. A work schedule that is out of sync with your natural sleeping cycle will naturally cause fatigue. Anxiety, stress and worries you have can keep you waking up at night. On top of these psychological causes, physical changes can also cause you to wake up frequently. Use of stimulants prior to sleeping, and an unfavorable sleeping environment are just a few. You need to know how to sleep effectively and naturally. Here are a few tips to help you get a more fulfilling night of rest.

10 Tricks and Tips to Get You Sleeping

Maintain a Bedtime Routine
Note things you love to do before sleeping and make them a routine. This will help your brain will adapt to your sleeping habits and you will have a greater likelihood of dozing naturally.

Create a Favorable Sleeping Environment
Keep your mattress comfortable with clean sleeping sheets. Dim all the bedroom lights and maintain a cool temperature, around 70 degrees.

Listen to Calming Sounds
If silence does not put you to sleep, listen to white noise, meditation sounds, audiobooks or soft music. Sometimes a repetitive, melodic sound can help put the mind into a meditative state, aiding sleep.

Focus Your Thoughts
Think about something positive and concentrate on it. You can focus on your breath too. This helps slow down the mind and stop focusing on the tasks and problems of the day.

Stretching helps your body to physically relax. A relaxed body with increased circulation makes the mind relax as well. Some easy yoga poses like the happy baby pose, the child’s pose and legs-up-the-wall pose will do the trick. Having a stretch session in a massage chair before bed, could help.

Manage Your Top Stressor
This could be replying to an email, paying a bill, or doing a large pile of unwashed dishes. Dealing with this will remove the stress immediately. You can also note the item down for tomorrow’s to-do list.

Keep Your Daytime Activities Sleep-Friendly
One of the most basic tips to help you sleep is getting enough sunlight during the day! Also, working out, drinking and eating should be finished at least 1-2 hours before bedtime.

Nap Correctly
Ensure that you take your nap in the early afternoon for a maximum of 30 minutes. Napping in the evening and for hours will leave you sleepless at night. If you tend to sleep too long during naps, you can try a ‘caffeine nap,’ where you have a cup of coffee or tea prior to sleeping. This will help you wake up after a half hour of light sleeping.

Watch What You Consume
Keep your diet healthy during the day will help to avoid digestive problems at night. You should also avoid significant alcoholic and caffeinate drinks in the evening. They can affect your sleep habits at night.

Seek Assistance
If all the known tricks do not work, you can seek professional help from a sleep specialist. There may be some unique biological symptoms that surpass the effectiveness of these tips and tricks.

Sleep Is Necessary
For you to stay healthy and productive, it is mandatory that you get sufficient sleep. Manage your sleeping issues early; it is harder to break a consistent habit, than an occasional event. If none of the above tricks and tips works for you, consider consulting a doctor or your therapist.

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