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X-Chair FAQ’s

Why is using a high quality ergonomic office chair important?

The Mayo Clinic reported that “Sitting is the NEW smoking”, meaning static, non ergonomic sitting for prolong periods of time is deleterious to your health, wellness and posture. Anyone who has ever flown coach for just a two-hour flight has experienced what that feels like. Marathon runners must have high quality running shoes – and marathon “sitters” also need a high-quality seating solution.

What Makes X-Chair stand out above all other brands?  

Only X-Chair incorporates “DVL” – Dynamic Variable Lumbar – the lower lumbar section that moves with you – allowing for dynamic, not static posture.  Actually, the X-Chair has TEN total user customizable settings that can be easily adjusted to fit virtually any human and provide customized comfort and support. The X-Chair is backed by a 15-year limited warranty and supports up to a 300 lb. user.

What is the BEST selling X-Chair model?

The X3 is the best X-Chair selling model – followed by the X2. Actually the X2, X3, X4 and X-Tech ALL have the same 10 customizable settings – the only differences are the seating options and covering materials. The X4 and X-Tech appeal even to the most discriminating consumers with genuine leather covering and an even more supple and breathable  synthetic vegan leather made in Japan.

Who is THE market leader in high end office seating solutions?

Herman Miller was started back in 1906 and they are currently recognized as the leading brand in high end ergonomic office seating.  However, due to the revolutionary patented designs by X-Chair they have risen to the #2 selling brand in America in less than 10 years. At the current trajectory, and with the considerable price advantage, X-Chair is poised soon be the #1 leading brand in America.

What is the Elemax or HMT option?

The lower lumbar section of the X-Chair will accept either the HMT (Heat & Massage Therapy) or the newer Elemax which in addition to the heat and massage adds cooling fans to the lumbar section of the chair. Either option may be ordered with or added to most X-Chair models.

Why purchase from Relax in Comfort instead of direct from factory online?

First, we honor all factory direct promotions and pricing, and you can benefit from our expert knowledge in person for free. In addition, as a small family business we always offer an EXTRA something – always a better deal – sometimes it’s a free upgrade or free accessory or something seasonal.  We are always happy to assist after the sale with any questions to ensure a lifetime of X-Chair bliss.

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