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What is the BEST Massage Chair?

Massage Chair

A bold claim to be sure, and although claimed by many massage chair manufacturers, only one massage chair can truly be the best. The answer ultimately depends on what your expectations are and what level and style of massage you are seeking. In my 35 years in the industry, I have examined hundreds of massage chairs.

The first criterion of any massage chair is that it must be dependable – providing many years of trouble free service.

Second, it must deliver the type of massage you enjoy. Third, it must actually improve the quality of your life by relieving stress, pain & tension and maximizing your overall wellness.

I am a big believer in the “One and done” shopping credo. Buy the best one time and be done. Many consumers purchase an entry level massage chair for under $2,000 and quickly outgrow its level of massage. Then they “upgrade” to a model they find online or at a national chain store for about $4,000. Within 3 – 5 years they again “outgrow” the level of service that massage chair can deliver. However, if you buy at the highest level, you will actually have a lower cost of ownership over the next 15 years and enjoy the best robotic massage possible every day. The best models range from $7,999 to $9,999 with Limited Edition models nearing $15,000 USD.


Let’s take a look at the two best massage chairs on the market today.

The Panasonic MA73 & J7  models both incorporates several breaks thru technologies namely hot stone therapy, customizable personalized memory programming, & the most deep tissue massage therapy on the planet - 12.5 cm or 4.9" of 3-D depth.  These models  deliver a very deep tissue massage and are ideal for those seeking relief from aches and pains as well as muscle stiffness and fatigue. Panasonic develops and then manufacturers all of their own massage components. The entire chair is designed and engineered in Japan, and Panasonic is well known as the leader in massage technology pedigree and quality.

The D-Core and OHCO models (Distributed by Furniture For Life in North America) have truly revolutionized  the massage chair industry.  The OHCO M.8 has to be felt to be appreciated - the M.8 incorporates every functionality available.  

Both companies offer a “white glove” in home set up & delivery nationwide for an additional fee.

We are proud retail partners of all of the top tier massage chair brands sold in the USA. We invite you to experience the difference firsthand.  While the Internet is replete with low end massage chairs, the first prerequisite is to experience the chair first hand. You cannot effectively evaluate a chair’s massage experience by comparing square inches of massage or number of motors to operate the chair. You would not buy a car without a test drive and neither should anyone buy a massage chair without first taking a test drive. If you are serious about owning the best massage chair you owe it to yourself to see us in person. 

We have two convenient showroom locations in the Orlando, and Tampa and we welcome your visit to experience the differences in the comfort and privacy of our showroom. We are Florida’s Original Back Care & Sleep specialist serving Florida since 1967.

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