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ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2021 / -- When Relax in Comfort was first selected to showcase high end luxury massage chairs on an upcoming episode of an all new reality TV show to air on the TLC Network, the team at Relax in Comfort had no idea just how frugal some families could be. 


As a licensed Gallery of Furniture For Life, it was evident the producers of the show selected us as the best representation for high end luxury massage chairs in the nation!”

Don DePaulis

/ President & CEO 

TLC Reality Show Cast and Crew with Jackie Ricardo, VP (center) 

TLC at Relax in Comfort Mom So freakin cheap massage chair

TLC Filming in Sessions

TLC Mom in Massage Chair

Don DePaulis, President of Relax in Comfort stated “As a licensed Gallery of Furniture For Life, it was evident the producers of the show selected us as the best representation for high end luxury massage chairs in the nation"

The TLC Network launched an all new reality concept with one of the 4 families based in Central Florida. Originally the show was named “Frugal Families” however the show was later renamed to “So Freakin Cheap” and had its national TV debut on June 28, 2021. The show is a reality TV series that follows four families that have aced the game of frugal living. These families are not only good at bargaining, but they find creative ways to save money.

The episode featuring the Relax in Comfort segment is based on Rosanna and Danny Tran from Orlando, Florida who both take great pride in their frugal lifestyle. They have chosen to live frugally, but in no way do they compromise on the nice things in life. They live in a posh Windermere neighborhood and take fashion very seriously. The Asian couple migrated to the US years ago and established a successful business. Together they have four children. The women in the family have tasted success in beauty pageants, all the while maintaining a shoestring budget.

The Relax in Comfort segment showcased the OHCO M.8, a $12,500 high end luxury massage chair manufactured by Furniture For Life and deigned by Ken Okuyama the designer of the Enzo Ferrari, Maserati Quatro, the Akita Shinkansen colloquially known as the “Japanese Bullet Train” as well as many other iconic designs.

In this Mother’s Day episode segment the daughters brought their Mom to Relax in Comfort to try out a high end massage chair, as a test ride, to provide a super luxurious day spa experience at no cost to them. DePaulis quipped “For those desiring regular massages owning a high-end luxury massage chair is actually the most frugal option. An average massage cost over $80 plus tip. The OHCO M.8 on sale over just ten years of usage cost only $83 per month, for unlimited massages, for the entire family” DePaulis finished with “Sometimes being frugal can also be luxurious”

The Relax in Comfort showroom is located inside the Winter Park Village, Winter Park, Florida, and is open for private appointments or for walk ins during normal store hours and is featuring the OHCO M.8 model from the episode for others to experience as well.

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