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Panasonic EP-MAK1


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Panasonic’s new premium massage chair EP-MAK1 for the ultimate massage experience in the comfort of your own home. The EP-MAK1 thermo massage chair features a full arm, leg and calf massage as well as a interactive, easy to use touch screen controller to design and store your own preferred massage programs. The EP-MAK1 Real Pro Ultra Prestige is their most intuitive, personal luxury massage experience yet. The 4D Massage System simulates the warm, soothing hands of a professional masseuse and accurately replicates multiple professional massage techniques. The rollers are able to move up and down, left to right, and front to back. The automatic intensity sensor intelligently adjusts applied pressure for maximum comfort. Ultra prestige design with high quality synthetic leather, removable quilted back cushion and EZ move rollers.

Panasonic Massage Chair

Includes shipping, delivery, and installation of product in room of choice in one trip. Product packaging removed.


Known for precision and intensity, the Panasonic EP-MAK1 massage chair delivers. The Panasonic EP-MAK1 massage chair is a demonstration of attention to detail. Every movement  is crafted with deep movements. As a result,  precise deep tissue therapy is enjoyed.

First,  stretching movements in the  RealPro deep 3-D action and unrivaled hip movements.  As a result, the massage chair stands out for those who find “pleasure in the pain.”  The Panasonic massage chair contains the latest generation of the Real Pro Ultra. As a result, the real-time pressure detection samples and adjusts back massage intensity over 100 times per second. No description of the EP-MAK1 is complete without mention of the foot rollers. And like the rest of the chair are a blend of precision engineering, high intensity and deep tissue therapy.

What’s this Panasonic Massage Chair calling card? Refinement, precision and intensity without an equal.

Second, the Panasonic EP-MAK1 massage chair is a stunning demonstration of Panasonic’s unrivaled attention to detail.  Impressive stretching movements are provided by delivering maximum and precise deep tissue therapy, every function and movement. Additionally, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why practice is important to deliver precise deep therapy. Moreover, The only way to truly master a massage is to sit in a Panasonic massage chair.  As a result, deep stretches are achieved.

The Panasonic EP-MAK1 massage chair contains the latest generation of the Real Pro Ultra main mechanism. With real-time pressure detection that samples and adjusts back massage intensity over 100 times per second. No description of the MA-K1 is complete without mention of the foot rollers. Therefore, like the rest of the chair, are a perfect blend of precision engineering, high and deep tissue therapy.

Shiatsu Massage Techniques – Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, this Japanese style of massage literally translates to “finger pressure.” As the name suggests, massage addresses specific points on the body. As a result, often referred to as pressure points, or acupressure points. The body scan in concert with pressure sensing massage heads firm on shiatsu points.

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Special Features

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Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

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New and Improved Features!

New and Improved Features!

Newly added touch panel controller

Newly added touch panel controller is equipped with personalized settings. Flexible and convenient massaging of the body part or operation according to your liking.

Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Touchscreen Tablet

“Full body auto massage” or “Select favorite areas” selection

There are 6 automatic massage courses: Swedish course, Deep course, Shiatsu course, Stretch course, Air course and 10 minutes Quick course.
Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Menu Selections

When you want a massage of particular body part with desired massaging course by choosing “Select favorite area”. Multiple selection or adjustment can be made to experience your own preferred course, and storing a personalized setting in the memory.
Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Manual Options

Personalized Settings

Establish your favorite massage program and intensity in the memory which eliminates the tediousness for the adjustments of massaging every time.
Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair User Settings Upgraded hand and arm massage

All-round hand massage by air cells can relieve from palms to upper arm.
Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Shoulder Air Cells

Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Hand Compression

Upper arm massage  
Upper arm and shoulders are compressed from sides
by newly added air bags enables comprehensive relaxation.

Palm massage

Air Cell fully covers forearm and fingertips to ultra-knead.

The calves and thighs receive proper attention as well

Upgraded foot massage part and newly added rear knee massage section, strengthen air bags on the calf combining with sole rollers, helps to relieve tension from tired legs.
Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Compression Examples

Calves Massage Both sides of the calf are pinched, then pressed upward from behind.
Rear knee massage Air cells with protrusions stimulates the rear knee with acupressure. The leg is holding and enclosed in air cells with compression from behind which improves blood circulation and relieves foot fatigue.  Accumulated fatigue at gastrocnemius and deep soleus muscles of the calf can be relieved by firmly compressing the soleus muscle and relax the back of the knee.

Massages around the pelvis and thighs

Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Hip and Leg Compression

Pelvic area, thigh side massage squeezing a wide area, from the thighs to around the pelvis.

Back thigh massage uses the power of air to push up the backs of the thighs and loosen them.

A variety of massage techniques for the soles

Full sole massage, learned from pros.
Loosens the knots of the soles from the core and lightens the body from the bottoms of the feet

Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Foot Reflexology

Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Foot Massage Features



  • Panasonic EP-MAK1 Real Pro Ultra Prestige full body massage chair
  • Advanced massage system with 3D heated massage block & foot roller
  • Thermal massage heads provide warmth and comfort
  • 3D techniques enable up-down, right-left, and back-front 3D movements for a professional experience
  • Massages back, neck, shoulders, hips, arms, seat, pelvis, feet, shins, and calves
  • NEW! Leg and calf massage: leg air bag massage, calf massage, thigh massage
  • NEW! Full arm massage: Shoulder massage, upper arm massage, fore arm massage, palm massage
  • 7 Real professional massage techniques: Spiral knead, ultra knead, knead, shiatsu, swedish, rolling, tapping
  • 6 Automatic Massage Programs: Swedish, deep, shiatsu, stretch, air, quick
  • 6 Manual massage programs
  • Hip massage lifts buttocks up by the air bags to stimulate hip and piriformis muscles, which helps relieve lower back fatigue
  • 3D body sensor measures body shape and determines massage area more precisely by using body pressure and optical sensors
  • 3 customizable user programs to be stored in memory
  • Ultra Prestige design featuring:
    High quality synthetic leather, removable, quilted leg cushion & EZ Move rollers and safety lock
  • NEW! Swivel mounted, full color touch screen control panel
  • NEW! Easy to use intuitive, graphic user interface
  • Choose from over 100 combinations including 3D
  • Armrest adjusts automatically as you recline
  • Ottoman extends up to 18 cm to accommodate different heights
  • Total number of air bags: 31
  • Maximum user weight 265 lbs
  • Dimensions Not reclined: Approx. H 120 cm × W 85 cm × D 130 cm
  • Dimensions reclined: Approx. H 79 cm × W 85 cm × D 200 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 87 kg


About the Brand

About the Brand

Panasonic EP-MAK1 Massage Chair Logo

Panasonic is committed to creating a “better life and a better world, continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.” Every element of every Panasonic massage chairs has been thoughtfully engineered. The combination of advanced technology and precision craftsmanship produces the world’s most elegantly engineered massage chairs in the industry.

CLICK HERE to open the Panasonic brand site in a new window.

Warranty | Registration | Support

Warranty | Registration | Support

Every massage chair brand we offer on our site is committed to after-sale service of its products. In fact, all the brands we represent do a great job of standing behind the products they sell with great warranties.

Panasonic offers owners a 3-Year Limited Parts and ON-SITE Labor Warranty that covers all manufacturing defects or failures for up to 1,000 hours of use during the warranty period.

The massage “block” (the main mechanism and associated electronics) are also separately covered under a parts warranty for 5 years or 1.000 hours, whichever comes first.

Panasonic offers great service coverage everywhere in the USA.

A 2-Year extension can be attached to the normal 3-year manufacturer warranty. This brings total coverage up to 5 years from the date of purchase. This 5-Year extension is available through us, and a Comfort Consultant can attach it to your purchase. Typically these warranty extensions cost between $250 and $500.

Full manufacturer limited warranty details (legal language, limitations, etc.) can be found HERE.



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