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Weekender Cooling Mattress Protector



Top of Mattress Protector with Cooling Comfort

The instant cooling effect of this protector helps manage temperature as you fall asleep. The central layer is 100 percent polyurethane to shield from spills and accidents, while remaining quiet, cool, and breathable. The fitted-sheet style fits snugly to mattresses up to depths of 18 inches.

    • Instant cooling effect helps manage temperature
    • Waterproof layer protects top of mattress
    • Feels cool to the touch and dissipates body heat
    • Jacquard fabric top increases breathability and airflow
    • Fitted-sheet style with knit skirt fits mattress depths up to 18 inches
    • Machine wash, tumble dry low
    • Vinyl-free and safe for children


Top of Mattress Protector with Cooling Comfort

Weekender Cooling Mattress Protector is a top of the mattress protector with cooling comfort.  It protects against spills and fluids, which provides 10 years of protection. Protect your mattress and your warranty with a reliable barrier against liquids, dust mites, and allergens.  

Protects Against Spills and Fluids -Weekender Cooling Mattress Protector

Cool, gel-infused foam

Ventilated for breathable comfort

Cooling side dissipates body heat

Weekender Cooling Mattress Protector


Fits mattresses up to 18″


Cooling Cover: 52% polyethylene, 48% polyester


Liquids and spills

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We microencapsulate Omniphase™ phase change material into a Tencel Lyocell™ fabric blend, backed by our lab-certified H2Pro™ liquid-proof membrane. This protector helps regulate temperature and moisture levels while you sleep. Premium five-sided protection guards the top and all four sides of your mattress from dust mites, allergens, and accidents. Omniphase™ phase change material helps regulate temperature and Tencel Lyocell™ fibers wick away moisture while you sleep.  Laboratory-certified H2Pro™ liquid-proof membrane creates a 100-percent waterproof barrier.  Finished with a durable Universal Fit™ elastic, this protector is secure, breathable, quiet, and won’t change the feel of your mattress. Hypoallergenic protector is machine washable and dryer safe to keep your mattress fresh.

Purchase a mattress and protector on the same receipt to ensure your mattress warranty isn’t voided. Plus, protecting your mattress investment keeps your sleep environment fresh and clean for years to come. Keep your mattress looking and feeling new with innovative cooling protection. A five-sided liquid-proof barrier keeps your mattress dry and clean, even when life gets messy. No need to sacrifice quality for comfort. Our mattress protectors have the smooth feel of your favorite fitted sheet with the added benefit of reliable protection.

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